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    Sweeten up your lighting setup with this beautiful Heart Shaped Ring Light!

    • 100% satisfaction guranteed or 30-day hassle free returns!

    • Measures 10" inches (25.4 cm) from widest span

    • An assortment of color modes: Three-color temperature modes including Neutral, Warm, Cool, and 15 solid rainbow colors ranging across the ROYGBIV spectrum!

    • Strobing, Cycling, Moving Gradient, and so many more different dynamic lighting modes. Turn an empty room into a rave ;D

    • 10% - 100% dimming option - choose how bright you want your light to be, making it perfectly versatile for many different uses

    • Hinge attachment so ring light can be used at multiple angles within a 90 degree spectrum

    • Adorable heart-shaped reflections in your eyes - get those anime heart highlights in your eyes that you've always wanted <3


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