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    The Weighted Comfort Spider™

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    The Weighted Comfort Spider™


    The Weighted Comfort Spider™ is a super-soothing, safe and effective therapeutically weighted stuffed animal designed to ease anxiety and shorten sensory meltdowns. Its cozy body and big fluffy pays embrace you with a calming, comforting hug proven to reduce stress. 

    Its cozy body and big fluffy paws embrace you with a calming, comforting hug proven to reduce stress. Backed by science. Created by a mom. Therapist approved. Kid adored. 

    While most of us cringe at the sight of a real spider, this one is an exception!  You will fall in love with this incredibly soft and squishy tarantula.  It feels so wonderful high up on your chest with the very soft fur against your neck, while the dangly legs are an added sensory experience for your hands.  


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